Digital PR: What Is It and How Can It Improve Organic Presence?

You’ll be hard pushed to find just about any business or individual that hasn’t engaged in some form of Digital PR before. From companies attempting to gain backlinks from the largest websites in the world to people going viral on Twitter – Digital PR exists all around us, and it’s become an essential practice in gaining prominence online. 

But what is Digital PR? At a glance, Digital PR is a marketing strategy that companies rely on to build their presence online. Dedicated agencies regularly work with journalists and influencers from a range of platforms as a means of becoming featured in high-quality content that can be showcased to large audiences across the World Wide Web. Digital PR can extend from backlink-inducing content to social media shares, to more general SEO and everything in between. 

Applications of Digital PR are vast, wide-reaching and often extremely beneficial to businesses of all sizes. So, with this in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into the diverse and ever-developing world of Digital PR, and explore how it can improve your website’s rankings in the process:

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an extremely broad term, so let’s get to work on defining it in a more bitesize manner.

Fundamentally, Digital PR revolves around gaining prominence through attaining high-quality backlinks from reputable websites and boosting online customer perceptions of a business through content and interactions on social platforms, reviewing sites or comparison pages etc. 

Multimedia platforms are another growing form of Digital PR, and the use of YouTube and podcasting channels for the purpose of promoting your brand is certainly an effective form of Digital PR that demands attention too. 

The great thing about Digital PR is that it enables businesses to indirectly or directly appeal to customers – helping to either improve their direct experience of a company’s pages or encouraging them to leave five-star reviews on Google and Amazon, or enabling them to build a rapport on social media. 

All of these factors pay dividends in boosting your company’s exposure on the results pages of Google, and a slick, SEO-enabled Digital PR strategy will invariably help businesses to scale their ambitions, from focussing on building interest locally to catering for nationwide audiences and beyond – Digital PR is a solution that suits businesses of all sizes. 

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